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Below are some screenshots from my desktop app so you can get a sense of what the web app will look like.


It's 3rd and 5 and I'm lined up in a Pro Set. I've called for a play that features an In route at Medium depth (12 yds). The Defense has chosen a modified 4-3 where the 2 OLBs are on the line and showing blitz. I have the opportunity to Audible, but I don't -- I like thinking those LBs are coming and leaving the middle open. I'm ready to click "HIKE!"



Now that the ball has been snapped, the field is now displayed as a grid: "Left / Middle / Right" by "Long / Med / Short / Read / Rush / Block / Run / Pass." This conveys where the players have gone and what they are doing.
On Offense, I have a QB who has dropped back to pass (from the Middle, as opposed to rolling out Left or Right). I have 5 OL blocking the pocket -- 2 Left, 2 Middle, 1 Right. The FB and TE have gone Short on either side and the 2 WRs and the HB have gone Medium across the field.
On Defense, they're rushing the 4 DLs -- 2 on the Left, 1 up the Middle, and 1 on the Right. The LBs have dropped into Short Zone coverage across the field. 3 DBs are in Deep Zone coverage across the field and 1 DB has gone Medium Left.
I have several items to consider:
The Rush -- I'm looking good. Each of the matchups is adequately covered.
The Coverage -- Also good. My star HB is wide open over the Middle.
The Matchups -- At the top right of the player piece, you can see that my HB #34 Long is ranked an 87 (of 100), the best player on the field. The S #24 Koury is an awful 46, so I'm not too worried about him coming up. LB #54 Lamaak is an 80, and it's likely the D will choose to drop him back. My QB #7 Van Portfliet is an unimpressive 67. Some quick math suggests that QB 67 + HB 87 (154) > S 46 + LB 80 (126), so I click on HB #34 Long and go for it.

Incomplete! Now that I look at it, I may have been hasty. Over on the right, both WR #18 Yingling and TE #85 Joseph had good matchups. Yingling had his 72 vs. CB #21 Fischer, a 71. Joseph had his 78 vs. #54 LB Ardestani, a 66. I only needed 5 yards -- perhaps I should have gone Short Right to TE #85 Joseph.

But that's how the game works -- YOU DECIDE!