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1988 ‑‑ Created the first verison of BFL Football on my Commodore 64. Each team had position groups and ratings. This was pre-internet, so I had to get all my statistical info out of the sports pages.

1990 ‑‑ Got a 486/25 (50 with the "Turbo" button on) and created a PC version using GW-BASIC and later QBasic. There were players now, each with a position and rating. Again, pre-internet, so I got the names for the players out of the back of my Mom's high school yearbook. My friend actually met his QB's real-life namesake and relayed the story of how his digital doppleganger had won the BFL Bowl.

1999 ‑‑ Upgraded from the "text adventure" experience and created a VB desktop application with pictures. Now there were formations and plays, multiple levels (HS, College, Pro), and career play. It was pretty cool at this point and I have been playing it ever since.

2010 ‑‑ Now it's time for the online version. I started in earnest on Oct 13 and have something to toy with by the end of Nov. I have a beta, playable site by the end of Jun 2011.

2012 ‑‑ Once the game engine is stable, then come the avalanche of fun features ‑‑ prioritized by you, the players. I'm "soft" coding so that everything can be customizable. I want multiple worlds with multiple options. Real-Life Conference alignments or make your own? ‑‑ you decide. Bowl Games or Playoff Tournaments? ‑‑ you decide. Players from the US, the World, the Galaxy, mythology, whatever ‑‑ you decide. Play how and where you want to play.


‑‑ it's the Game Engine, stupid!

‑‑ the Customer is King.

‑‑ keep it fresh (new REQUESTED features) and safe (fully tested and approved BY THE PLAYERS)